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Poster: r1b1 Date: Feb 1, 2021 5:59pm
Forum: texts Subject: Online book display/reader is blanking pages

[This is intended as a notice to IA support techs, please assign it a suitable forum if posted in the wrong place as I could not immediately find a more relevant forum]

I've noticed this on a few pdf uploads this year and last but here are two examples from mine:

- in each case the online book display/reader is blanking pdf pages, it seems indiscriminately; see note to the second item above. The pdfs display all pages before upload and when I downloaded the second item above after noticing the error the downloaded pdf displayed fine on my PC.
I have the impression that pages near the front of a pdf are being blanked.

This seems to be a new phenomenon (2020 onwards only?) and I have no idea what is causing it. Is it to do with e.g. a pdf being compiled with freepic2pdf or is there some other encoding anomaly at play?